Wonder Woman vs. Super Woman (Justice League Crisis on Two Earths)

I don’t like how Super Woman is the parallel for Wonder Wonder. She should fight Superman. Why not Wonderman? I just don’t like the constant link between between Superman and Wonder Woman.

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Do you know how much effort it takes to be around you every day? It takes all of my willpower not to lunge and kiss the fucking shit out of you and I can’t seem to stop… thinking about you and it’s becoming a real fucking problem.

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I wish I could go back to New York where I was so happy I almost cried every night.

I saw so many shows, found out I was nominated for a major award, was with great friends, met amazing people in the business, and felt…comfortable. As big and busy as New York is…it is a comfortable city and very easy to get around and lost in. I love and miss it.


… and that’s shade.

This fucking movie

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Anonymous asked: Pretend... you have a life size doll... That's me! 1950's, classy with the pearl necklace and such! Like a housewife! Would you do it? I'm... a guy of course... just afraid to get into that sort of thing, but I've wanted to try it! Just scared I suppose.

No need to be afraid. Period makeup, hair, and clothes are what I love most. The only reason I have done over-the-top stuff is for stage and shows. Pinup and old Hollywood glamour are my passion, though. You would be in good hands. I have done makeup for theatre, weddings, pageants, proms, etc.

Anonymous asked: Dress me up like a woman someday? I'll come over and you just... Makeover me.

Ummmm……if we were at that level….sure? But, it helps to know who you are and what you like so I can plan makeup and corsetry.

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This is it, this is the post I have reblogged the most

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Outside a gym in central London!


Outside a gym in central London!

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my parents fucking lied

talking to strangers on the internet was the best decision of my life

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