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There is this theory/rumor going around that DC/WB will not be making solo movies for the members of the Justice League in an attempt to stay away from the Marvel formula. But, instead, they would be making multiple Justice League movies where some of the characters may be more prominent than others (ala the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited series).
Now, I like the idea of having those multiple movies focusing on characters here and there. Like “Wonder Woman: Featuring the Justice League”, “Batman: Featuring the Justice League”, or “Superman: Featuring the Justice League”. Although, that last one sounds exactly like how the new Batman v Superman movie is turning out.
The only thing that bothers me is that most of the people going to see these films have not had the origin. Especially when it comes to Wonder Woman. Something I would at least like to see is origin films for at least the top three (Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman (which we already have)).  I want to know what brought this group together. And you don’t have to go crazy like Marvel and have 5 films for one character.

What are your thoughts on this theory/rumor, and would you be interested in multiple Justice League films versus a few origins?

Ben Affleck as Batman

The one thing that is going to bother me with Batman being cast older, and the franchise wanting him to represent a seasoned hero is that….we lose the origin. With a new Batman comes a new origin, new take on the villains, etc. I almost feel like there would need to be a Batman movie between the two Superman movies.

DC Comics Film

Batman, in a cinematic way, had been the most successful DC hero out there. Even beyond the first hero of DC, Superman. Batman has had 11 live-action movies, numerous television shows (animated and one live-action). Needless to say, Batman has a long history in the cinematic universe and has a large following. One thought, I do not agree with them wanting to cast older for the Batman/Superman movie by Snyder.

But what about the other two parts of the famous DC Comics Trinity; Superman and Wonder Woman? In comparison, they have fallen flat to Batman. Wonder Woman more so than Superman.
Superman had the Christopher Reeve movies, the serials, a cartoon series, etc.
Wonder Woman’s biggest success outside of her comics was the television series in the ’70s, starring the perfection that is Lynda Carter (who I would love to see Hippolyta). There was the failed piolt before the Lynda Carter series, the Kathy Lee Crosby pilot, and the beyond failed Adrienne Palicki TV series with Elizabeth Hurley. People don’t realize that it was a pilot and would not have been the final first episode of the series. Anyway, now there is the pushing back of the Amazon series that was to be a Smallville-esque type of show. She has had wonderful success as a secondary character in the Justice League animated series’ and films. She did have a 2009 solo animated movie which followed her original origin story in a modern time. Which is FANTASTIC! If they would just take that concept and put it to a live-action film, we would be in business.

Batman is on top, Superman in second place, and Wonder Woman is still running around the field.

So, I would like to see Wonder Woman move up in the ranks. Wouldn’t mind a Cyborg movie, and Barry Allen Flash movie (not TV series) would be interesting. Anyone is better than Aquaman. And I feel that J’onn J’onzz would be best to be on the back burner and be introduced in the Justice League movie that they have planned.

No matter what, DC has had bigger success in their animated movie universe. Their live-action is good, but still lacks.

What are your thoughts?

Confession #14

I own 16 movies showcasing Batman, the entire series of Wonder Woman along with the 2009 movie, 3 Justice League movies, 1 Green Lantern, and 1 Superman.

Ok, since it died….every note this gets….another confession

Wonder Woman Movie

People in the film and comic industry have been buzzing about featuring Wonder Woman in her own movie, the Justice League movie, and Man of Steel 2 (which is apparently going to be separate from the Batman/Superman movie). Their big concern is getting her right because she is such an iconic figure not only in comics, but in the whole DC universe. Her ideals, look, and overall appeal to both men and women. She is the strongest female icon we have. Hell, she is one of the biggest icons ever. Gender set aside. She stand for peace, understanding, and has been an ambassador to the world of man.
Now, I have no clue why DC/WB/Hollywood find it so difficult to put her on the big screen. Look at the 2009 animated film. It kept to her “classic” origin, the amazons were not rapists and hungry for power, and they modernized her encounter with Steve Trevor and the debacle with Ares. They only thing missing from that movie was flesh and bone. To me, in captured Wonder Woman. From learning of man’s ways, to teaching young girls to fight along with the boys, while remaining a warrior. She is Diana from the comics and other animated movies. She is the icon. She is Wonder Woman.
Now, I don’t see how it is so difficult to translate that into a blockbuster hit. Look at the final scene with Ares and the Amazons of the past being brought back to life.
Why is it so difficult? 


So, we are losing our shit over the announced Superman/Batman movie. Whether it is negative or positive, it is getting our attention. I, for one, am excited for it. Announced was a Man of Steel 2 movie, but it turned into a compilation film for the first two heroes in DC history. So, that planned sequel changed. That means the line up of other movies could change. After that movie, we could get a solo Batman movie. Then, add Wonder Woman, or give her a solo movie. Then, make the trinity movie. After that, then they can delve into the Justice League universe even more. Which, in my opinion, would be the best move. Take the time, develop the relationships. Make the universe not one to rival with Marvel, but be able to not be compared. 

My main thoughts are:

Not who will play Batman, because the casting over at WB/DC has been pretty wonderful, so far. But, I want to know what they are going to do with the batsuit and the batmobile.

If Wonder Woman is made, who will play her? Yes, I am more concerned about Wonder Woman than I am about Superman and Batman. Also, will she wear pants? If so, will they distract me? I vote no pants. Also, get someone who looks Greek and 25-30 years old.

How will the relationships play? Will it be Superman vs. Batman like in Dark Knight Returns or will this be truly them working together. Mix of the two?

And, finally, will they abolish the romantic relationships of Superman/Wonder Woman, Batman/Wonder Woman, and let them have their own lives?


I cant wait anymore


I cant wait anymore

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